Wednesday, May 31, 2017

BeeBomber dives into success as it gears up for Pacific Northwest farmer's markets

--By Emily Anderson

WEST LINN, ORE. - Leann Calvi is an entrepreneur, mother and dreamer. She owns and operates an organic skincare, facial care and beauty company in Oregon called BeeBomber Organic Skincare LLC. She's a nurse and loves all things organic. She cares about what she, her family, friends, and customers apply to their skin.

What began as a years-long hobby turned into her entrepreneurial gig. BeeBomber is a relatively new company. Calvi has quickly become active in the farmer's market world showcasing her lovely products in the Portland, Ore. metropolitan area.

Her products are numerous: BeeBomber makes lip balms, facial cleansers, arnica gels, exfoliating soaps, natural deodorants, body scrubs, hand and body lotions, perfume, facial toners, moisturizers and more. While most of these products may appeal to women, she hasn't forgotten about the men: BeeBomber sells a "citrus spice beard bomb" which is a beard styling gel. (This could be the perfect Father's day present for the bearded men out there!)

Her products are also available for sale online through her Web site:

She believes in the power of nature to heal our skin. She believes in aromatherapy and as a nurse she understands the importance of proper health benefits.

"I've long been researching the use of botanicals in the healing of our bodies. Nature has so much to offer!" Calvi says.

While she loves all of the products her company creates, her favorite product is the Bee Timeless Facial Serum.

"It really turns back the clock in a short period of time with daily use," Calvi says. "It's filled with antioxidants and essential fatty acids that nourish and minimize the visible signs of aging."

The BeeBomber products are all certified organic. But what other cool components do her products offer? One of her products is Orange Nutmeg Hand and Body Lotion. Among its ingredients are radish root filtrates and a fermented coconut fruit extract. The fermentation of radishes provides bacterial protection and that coconut provides yeast and mold protection.

Prior to starting her business, she watered her vegetables in her garden one day and saw a bee dive bomb into a flower next to her hand ... and thus her business name was born. Many of her products contain the words "bomb" or "bee" in their names. Her husband is the marketing creative behind her cute labels... which includes a cartoon-esque illustration of a bee buzzing around. So just because the business name dove into her head that day in the garden, why does she have the bee theme going on? It's because she knows that beeswax, honey and bee pollen are great for skin.

Calvi will be selling her products at the lovely Bridgeport Village Mall beginning this Tuesday, June 6th from 4 to 8 p.m. Bridgeport Village Mall is located at 7455 S.W. Bridgeport Rd. in Tigard, OR. 97224.

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