Saturday, April 11, 2015

Brunette in the 'Burbs

Hey ya'll....

So I'm an atypical, young brunette living in suburbia and I thought I'd share my thoughts on suburbia. 

I'm from suburbia and there are things I love about suburbia. Wide, clean streets. Room for kids to play. Big driveways. But as I'm now in my late twenties (and feeling wiser than I was two years ago), I think a lot about life and why I moved far to start a new chapter in my life. 

I sometimes tire of all the traffic and traffic lights of a highly populated metropolitan area. But people are nicer where I live now than where I came from. People are rushed ... a little bit. It's nice to drive without fear of getting into an accident every second, which was the case of where I'm from. It's nice that certain people - usually older people - smile and say hi to me as I walk by, even though we're strangers.  

But sometimes - oftentimes - I crave a smaller town vibe. Like take this view of the Olympic Mountains. I took this from a wonderful vantage point on Easter weekend. It was so peaceful and beutiful to be in a small, quiet town enjoying this amazing view. My amateur photography skills don't do the view justice. 

I want to know what a small town feel is like. But I'm more liberal in my thinking and I feel I'd need to go visit a liberal-minded smaller town. When I read about small towns - you know, towns that have a main street and fourth of July parades - I often wonder if the camaraderie is stronger among residents compared to the sporadic, rushed paces of residents of big cities. It seems like the Sally Sues and Johnny Jones' of pie baking contests might just be good friends because their small town population and love of pies brought them together. It seems like in the movies and in real life articles, that certain small towns in America are very charming and it seems like everyone knows each other. 

Of course, I haven't ever lived in a small town - like a town with fewer than 20,000 residents - but I have this sort of Americana, small town dream in my head. What is it like? Ya'll should let me know...

Ms. Parmigiani 

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