Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10 ways to help our oceans

Here are ten tips, verbatum, from a Surfrider Foundation brochure, that I think are just wonderful! We should all conserve in any way possible.

1. Pick up your pet's wastes. Pet waste that reaches the ocean can make both people and marine life sick!

2. Conserve energy. Switching to energy-efficient light bulbs and other energy saving activities helps to slow climate change. Global warming will have dramatic impacts on our coastlines.

3. Hold on to your butt. ...Make sure you dispose of your used cigarrettes in a proper waste container. Cigarette butts are the number one litter component found on the beach!

4. Don't hose down your driveways. Not only does this waste water, it causes oils and other pollutants to end up in our oceans. Use a broom and dust pan instead.

5. Use native or climate-adapted plants in your garden.

6. Always dispose of used motor-oil properly. Never dump oil in a storm drain or field. Instead, take it to a gas station or approved collect area for recycling.

7. When you go to the beach, make sure you not only pick up your trash, try and pick up at least one piece of somebody else's trash.

8. Cut back on your use of fertilizers. Excess fertilizers that make it into our waterways can cause harmful plankton blooms that can harm fish, marine mammals and other sea life.

9. Avoid using single-use plastic bottles and bags. These ... plastics often end up on our beaches and in our oceans, where they harm birds, sea turtles and other marine life. Instead, use refillable bottles and reusable bags and containers.

10. Join the Surfrider Foundation! (You don't have to, but this was on the brochure)

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